Breaking the Spell of Seperation

I don't know about you but I have days where I feel a heavy weight of loneliness - even though I have the MOST AMAZING chosen and bio fam and feel so deeply connected to my guides, ancestors and the earth. I think there are a lot of reasons for this - part because most of the people I interact with on a daily basis I don't know - neighbors beyond my block, all the folks I zip by in my car on my way to something, the folks at the grocery store. It's got me thinking about how steeped we are in a culture of separation - that even if we may have a beautiful circle of intimate ones - that circle is embedded in a larger milieu of disconnection. How can you not feel that - especially if you're a sensitive creature.

Well I got tired of feeling this way so I have started to do little things to bring more connection to my life and hopefully model that for others. The first was making cups of my family chai that I placed in @ballcanning jars and offered to neighbors and biz owners in my hood. I grew up in a family where our door was always open, if you needed company a fresh pot of chai was only a few minutes away. Living away from my family - I'm now learning to be grateful for the loneliness that sometimes comes to visit. It's shown me the medicine in the cup of chai I grew up with and that I can share that medicine in other places - to invite more of us into connection.

May each cup remind us of the power of keeping our doors and hearts open to one another.