Finding Healthy Modelling in our Earth Elders

I was teaching a workshop on love @mysouldust last weekend and one of the things that came up was -

"I don't have healthy models for love how do I learn to love"

So I had everyone spend time with a spot out by the river we were at. They all came back saying-

"I remember- nature has so many models of healthy relationship"

YES...and for resiliency, inclusion, anti-oppression, letting go, trauma growth, effective communication, boundaries, support - all that we are seeking.

My teacher reminds us of this all the time and so we do the majority of our work with her outdoors and with stones, flowers and crystals. It's empowered me to do the same in my personal work and private practice and I've seen that when I am seeking a model I go sit with whatever land elder is calling me and with time and presence I feel and remember that the imprint of "healthy" lives in me too.

I feel the land is grateful that I took the time to remember with it - and I leave an offering of gratitude. This practice helps me rebuild a connection to the body of our earth which in turn helps me rebuild a connection to the land in my body - healthy and resilient.

I hope you are able to create time for this remembering -

there is an abundance of models just outside our doors.