Making Meaning out of Love and Interconnection

When I love our world is loved. When I suffer the world suffers. When others suffer I suffer. ⠀

When I acknowledge the weight in my heart from the erasure of indigenous voices and bodies on this day of “thanksgiving” I acknowledge the weight in the heart of my indigenous friends and community. If I am to love wholeheartedly, this feels critical to my practice of love.⠀

I connect to that energy and channel it through my heart into activism that my spirit can wrap its hands around. Then I can begin to feel the depth, weight and purpose of my love. ⠀

My teacher Shayne Case said,

“today is a day of honoring, of prayer”⠀

Today I will be praying through conversations around the dinner table to acknowledge the truth behind “thanksgiving” to talk about how we feel called to support thriving for the indigenous communities where I live, and for the land I live on.⠀


I feel called to show up on a local level and in person where I can connect heart to heart. ⠀

I am currently supporting my teacher Shayne Case in raising funds for the healing work she does for her tribe. If you feel called you can donate here:⠀

There are so many other amazing ways to support indigenous voices and communities. I can’t name them all. I’m sure if we all asked ourselves at the dinner table “what do I feel called to do” we would find something to receive the call. And if we keep asking this question also for black, brown, differently abled, trans, queer, displaced, dissenting, low-income marginalized bodies we can make something out of the love in our hearts that is worthy of what love was built for.