**Brownswell Babe**

Let me introduce to you my hearts beat. Huameng Yu aka @misstangq 

aka Ponyo (we nicknamed each other that years ago)

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.40.54 PM.png

This being takes my breath away and has been there for me since before the beginning.

Before I had ever seen her in physical form. I didn’t know it then but I am certain that our spirits have been gracing each other for lifetimes whispering when we fell down or felt lost

"I'll help you up so we can play and see ourselves"

And then one fated day we finally met at a youth-worker training and made a commitment that most adults don't - to visit one another - full on childhood sleepover style - once a month since we lived in different cities AND WE DID! It was like coming home each time - no matter what our lives threw our way all we felt in each other's presence was pure joy and ease. I feel the deepest sense of being seen in company with this beautiful being. Since our first meeting we have lived lifetimes.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.41.27 PM.png

Many people kindly reflect to me that I have an angelic presence with the work I do - well angels need angels. Meng you are my angel (I am balling as I write this!)

ALSO Meng is the most amazing creative creature - the word artist doesn't even encapsulate what she does with the material form. A dancer, mask-maker, musician, DJ, teacher of the I-Ching, mystic....the list goes on. She's a true alchemist weaving and queering all the realms together to create beauty that truly transforms. She also is a student and teacher of Chinese metaphysics and writes DOPE Chinese horoscopes and gives poppin life-clarifying I-Ching readings that transmute ancient teachings into modern day practical wisdom.

Book a reading, order a custom life changing art piece and sign up to receive her horoscopes at www.misstangq.com. Meng currently lives in Oakland, CA with her amazing partner @jyunjyuncreates (also a dope artist). If you want to fuel the revolution support work like there's -they are creating new worlds to help usher us out of this broken one.