~Brownswell Babe~

Meet Dr. Montserrat Andreys of @hearthealthcareforartists - Chiropractic Queen and dancer of heavenly grace.

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I was magically (of course) introduced to Montserrat over the interwebs during a time of intense personal transformation. She helped me understand my body, how it works, what it struggles with and most importantly its FULL CAPACITY and how to unleash it with gentle step by step exercises. Our work together was revolutionary - as a master translator she would create funny playful metaphors about my back posture while I was having tons of epiphanies about how the physical state of my body was a reflection of the emotional spiritual limitations I was moving through. My mind was blown everyday by her wisdom, insight, expertise and most of all her kind presence that allowed us to play with body issues I had been struggling with my whole life. Sessions always involved crying, laughing and kicking major butt.

Today I am doing planks, back-bends, and karate kid moves I would have never thought possible as well as swimming at emotional depths I never thought possible I KNOW my success has a lot to do with this extraordinary human.

Montserrat is also one of my dearest friends and confidants. She knows how to make the most mundane thing fun, squeals with me at most anything that excites us and is one of the few people who parallel my desire to break down the emotional walls of separation we've created in our world by engaging with others through a loving and curious lens.

I just LOVE THIS HUMAN to bits and pieces!!!

Montserrat’s has also merged her passions for equity, health and art through her ground-breaking business @hearthealthcareforartists to make healthcare accessible and fun for artists. She is a force and keeps sharing more and more with the world. It will take me lifetimes to know you lovie and thank goddess for that!


p.s it's her bday on Wednesday!! Send her so much goodness - it will come back to you I promise!