A healer needs healers in their lives and I am NO exception.

I have a team of folks who I see to support my in my health and wellness and also A TON of amazing badass brownswell babes who have been by my side rooting me on as I was struggling to see my own light. My days are bright and my medicine potent because of these angels and I really want you all to know about them!! It could take me years to name them all so I'm just going to pick names out of a hat -


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It's my ABSOLUTE pleasure to introduce this brownswell babe - JEEVAN SINGH of @flowerhandwellness.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.26.30 PM.png

One of the first Punjabi sisters I met during my 8 years on the west coast! I bumped into her randomly/magically at a coffee shop - we began chatting and before I knew it she had invited me to my first Diwali gathering outside of my fam - I didn't realize then that she really invited me into family, into re-connecting to ancestry, and seeing that as Punjabi healing babes bridging the magical and mundane is in our blood. She opened her heart to me at a time when she was already so full - and for that I am eternally thankful.

She's also one of the most badass queer POC Healers I know and a beautiful artist! A first class women's reproductive specialist , a queen of organically made pelvic steams and luxurious oils. She's got the credentials but what makes her so amazing at what she does is that beauty, creativity, justice and intuition are what guide her work and actions. Jeevan you are a constant source of inspiration and support I am so grateful to have you as a friend, colleague and sister.


Follow her @flowerhandwellness To stay on the cutting edge of women's health and healing. She has some exciting revolutionary work coming out later this year.