Our lives are rooted,

“THERAPY ISN’T WORKING” This is what almost every client who wants to work with me says - and what I felt when I began to get support with my healing.

The truth of the matter is more of us are waking up to the fact that we are more than just human- and deeply beautifully complex even in our humanity. 

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Photo by the talented @deedeecheriel

Our lives are rooted in the bodies, places, communities and experiences we inhabit yet I have people telling me - "Analyzing and talking about my trauma and negative patterns feels like I'm just scratching the surface OR I've never had a deep connection to the divine yet I feel like I have guides & a spirit wanting to tell me something OR I have everything I want in life and yet it still feels like somethings missing. "

And everyone- I mean EVERYONE has "that" story- the "I never told anyone - but this one time I had (insert magical, spirit story here)." Sessions are not focused on "what was childhood like, here's how you get a partner, or the bullet list on how to find purpose" - I listen and I GET THEM TO LISTEN - through silence, art, gardening - for whatever is wanting to burst out of their mouth - the bigger story that goes beyond their human life and it's events - the story of ancestors, of neighbors, the future, the planets, our collective, our past, the land and how it all mingles and weaves together with their story.

We ground, build a container and safely open up to it all. That is the only way to get to the bigger story of your true purpose, life partner, healing trauma, and the outcomes that are supportive of you and our world at this time. Because the truth is - we are all in service to our collective through ourselves. Healing isn't about cleaning and clearing the blemishes of the past - it's deeper- as deep as you are- it's about creating, removing, celebrating, deepening, loving, and illuminating so we can express the thread of our singular life as it serves and weaves with the rest of life - ALL LIFE. 

What comes out the other side of this opening is

"I have never before felt more safe and seen in my entire life."