*Brownswell Ally*

I am so proud of this beautiful artwork by my dear dear friend @jyunjyuncreates 

-"Be The Father You Always Needed"

To me I see a brave, genuine and much needed reflection of how to reclaim the father archetype within our culture, and a real gateway to examine and transform toxic masculinity.

I am proud because Louis embodies the call to action this piece asks for. I have watched him not only show up as a "man" should for family, friends and partner but also question what it looks like to find a way of being a "man" that feels congruent with all the parts of him. I have had the privilege of seeing him work his way through the muck of such a process by asking for support, taking responsibility for his own patterns, researching, practicing - falling down and getting back up again with grace, honesty, strength, humility and connectedness. It has taught me so much about how to hold the masculine within myself and the other men in my life with love, strength and rooted compassion.

Thank you dear friend for weaving transformation through your art and personhood - I know very few men who are doing the work of healing manhood as beautifully as you are. How lucky we all are to have you as a model.

Please support his work if you feel called it consistently transforms and calls those who witness it into greater depth and human-ness http://www.louischinn.com/