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The impacts of modern day capitalism and colonialism has created a world where, despite our social standing, at any given moment there is the possibility of an impending "something" threatening our sense of "OK-ness" - climate crisis, health issues, anxiety, political upheaval etc. Energetically this has left many of us with a collective constriction and hyper-vigilance in our nervous systems. ⠀

Imagine feeling deep ease in your root. The sensation of your feet firmly planted on the ground, the sweet weight of gravity letting the cells, muscles and bones settle so you can walk with possibility. An energetic imprint that lets the heart and mind relax, open. True healing individually and collectively cannot take place without deeply settling our roots and grounding the nervous system so we can feel we are "OK", resilient, no matter what comes our way. It's a necessity for being potent in our lives. ⠀

Join for an evening to learn breathing and meditation tools to create deep release in the root. The space is also for connecting with community to welcome a way of healing that honors our Interdependance. Excited to see you there. ⠀⠀