It’s possible to have a life that’s nourishing to the self and what surrounds us when we move from asking “How do I craft a life that makes me happy?” to “ How do I cultivate a life where I know I have choice and can exercise my agency no matter what comes my way.”

You know you are ready for a big shift you can’t do alone and traditional therapy isn’t quite right.You are ready to feel more connected waking up to the day with direction and deep gratitude. A sense of purpose that is about more than a job and abundance that is about more than your bank account. This work is unique in that it focuses on grounding and settling the nervous system in order to access our true voice. The energetic imprint of our fears, old wounds and anxieties cannot release in a lasting way without deeply rooting back into our bodies. Like a tree, we must fortify the roots in order to expand sustainably and continue to regenerate for seasons to come. Together we will uncover tools to relax your system again and again so you can deeply release with gratitude what’s already come and trust the path that calls you forward, even if it’s unknown. This work is about coming into our whole and true selves through deep re-connection to our selves, to one another and to the earth. It is multi-layered deep work where you get to remember all the ways you have agency and choice in your life - on an energetic, physical, emotional and mental level, even where systems or conditioning have said otherwise. Welcome Brownswell.

IF You are Ready to

  • See beauty and purpose in the life experiences that have typically felt burdensome or heavy - anxiety, “mistakes”, trauma, “short-comings”

  • Connect to and express your spiritual and emotional self in all areas of your life

  • Open up to prayer, meditation, and body-based exercises as tools for transformation

  • Make lifestyle shifts to prioritize weekly self care, body care, deep connection with others, reflection, and nature connection

  • Healing on your own, with others and on land

  • Commit to regular sessions and group sessions over the package dates

  • Uncover and learn to trust the shape of your activism from a place of wholeness.

  • Invest in healing that is about something bigger than ourselves, that activates the change-maker in you

  • Invest in healing that is utilizes the power of vulnerability, slowing down, flow and softness over sheer will, determination and productivity

  • Be willing to get dirty (literally - we will put our hands in the earth)


  • Ground and stabilize your nervous system to be present and calm in your body and with others, even in the face of uncertainty and difficult situations

  • Be able to attract opportunities, living situations and community that support your dreams

  • Get clarity on next steps in your life direction, purpose, and appropriate pacing for life visions

  • Receive customized physical exercises, rituals, prayers, reflection and energy tools to release patterns, thoughts and negative energy on your own while fortifying supportive patterns

  • Learn how to sync and connect to the seasonal cycles of our earth to soothe and uncover your own internal cycles

  • Learn how to release and ease anxiety to stay present and connected to what’s working in life

  • Receive mentoring on how to use your energy system efficiently

  • Slow down in order to be more discerning and potent with your actions and thoughts



  • 2 hour initial intake session

  • Customized healing plan; 9 weekly 60 min visits, 6 bi-weekly 90 min visits or a combination. Appointments must be completed by July 12th, 2019.

  • Two full day outdoor community workshops with other package participants

  • Access to Safe Passage:Summer edition Online Class

  • End of year community dinner to celebrate our growth and healing

  • Access to additional monthly hikes and group meditations.

Modalities USED

  • Somatic and Art Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Stone and Flower Essences

  • Land-based healing: gardening, hiking, and rituals with the earth

  • Group Counseling

  • Energy Work using Stones and Flowers

  • Spirit Guide Channeling

  • Seasonal guidance

$1200 -1600
3 and 4 month payment plans are available