Rooting Leadership into the Nature of Resilience in an urgent world

Applying healing tools and seasonal wisdom to our journey as leaders

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For the change-makers, leaders and healers who are hungry to resurrect ancient blueprints on how to lead and live naturally. These full day classes occur near the seasonal transitions of the year. Enter the portal between seasons, between time, the liminal coccoon that is ripe for shedding the discomforts that emerge from a dying seasonal container and set the stage to deepen and expand into the fertile medicine of what’s to come. It’s a space that allows us to sink in and sync up with the energy of our earth so we don’t have to do it all, so our roots can rest and while growing, creating, and connecting more easefully. Give yourself the time to gather with other courageous leaders and remember how to walk with resilient faithful steps that let our nature lead the way. These sessions are an intensive yet gentle guide to integrate the medicine of the seasons in to our life as leaders. A way to ground into the earth and it’s seasons in order to root into our own soils and cycles so we are potent with our days, weeks and year.


A full-day class to practice tools and frameworks to regenerate your Energetic and Emotional System

Many of us working in leadership face staggering demands, causing us to move too quickly and from a cerebral place. This can often cause a disconnect with our bodies and our deep values, leading to feelings of stuck-ness, dissonance, burnout, discontent and feeling like we don’t have choices. These “energetic gaps” emerging from both within and with the outside world can lead to unnecessary energy drain. We can work to close these gaps both through awareness and rooting. Our day together will focus on where these gaps are; what do they look like? Feel like? Awareness will come through collective examination and reflection. In rooting and grounding, we will connect deeply with our internal sense of self, our values, and our integrity. We will also come into touch with our internal cycles as well as the cycles of the earth. Join us for this embodied practice to build resilience as a leader!