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You are sitting at a staff meeting, family dinner or with a dear friend - present and engaged with what’s going on. Then someone share’s a story and suddenly you feel your face getting hot, your heart starting to beat, the palms of your hands collecting beads of sweat. Heat, anger, tears, shut-down or all of the above take over and hijack your body. Sometimes it takes days, other times just minutes, to recognize - you’ve been triggered. Other times, you anticipate it and know it’s an inevitable outcome of going to that conference on racial and gender equity, the training on trauma sensitive care, family gatherings with relatives that hold vastly different political views, or the first time we muster the courage to go on a date after a bad break-up. In a world that is diverse, divided and distant as ours it doesn’t take long before we encounter situations and people that activate our trigger response- the worst aspects of our psyches. When we get triggered we give our personal power to external situation

But let me tell you a secret

Each of us have a deep capacity for compassion, connection and care that can de-activate our triggers and over-time, release them so that we reclaim more and more of our personal power no matter the situation! In effect, we have more energy for the things we want to grow and transform in our lives. Greatly reduce stress and anxiety so you can take your power, time and energy back with a group of brave souls. As always, I will use the earth, community, and art as a guide to create a journey where you will be excited to learn about what makes you tick on and off. Join the group, together, with tenderness we will:

  • Learn what lies at the root of our triggers

  • Identify our triggers and what de-activates them

  • Learn practical, preventative tools to identify and heal our triggers

  • Practice how to re-center when we are actively triggered

  • Learn how to reduce overall stress and anxiety levels

  • Activate your internal power so you have more agency with whatever external situations you come to face

  • Get more deeply grounded and rooted in our “resilience bodies”

  • We will use meditation, energy work, heart felt conversation and flower and plant medicine to uncover your tools for resilience

Portland, OR, 10AM-5PM

Seattle, WA 10AM-5PM