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With a session you become a part of the Brownswell Community and gain access to exclusive workshops, meditations, hikes and events that allow you to grow alongside a community of aligned peers and with the earth.


  • COUNSELING SESSIONS: We start out with nurturing breath work followed by heart-felt conversation about what's currently feeling stuck, anxious, uncertain, lonely, as well as what you are hoping to grow. It's a time to release without censoring, to be listened to without judgement and also hone in on the root of what's unsettling or burdensome.

  • Based on our initial conversation we tune in to what will be most supportive for creating a powerful shift in the current moment - breathing exercises, getting out into the garden, flower essences, a ritual or somatic exercises. We end with meditation that allows you to bathe and sync into the energy of our earths current season so you can sync deeper into your own cycles.

  • ENERGY SESSIONS: Enjoy the initial breath work and conversational release of a counseling session. Than let your body rest on a nurturing massage table, or outdoors on the earth to receive energy work that utilizes stones for grounding, pulse work to shift the subtle parts of your energy body and meditation to establish new pathways for what you are growing.

    Each session you leave with deep potent clarity on your next step as well as prayers and affirmations. A plan you can easily use to continue to have agency in your rooting and growth.

    Whatever you choose, enjoy a healing experience where you get to settle the nervous system, let the cells and muscles rest deeply so you can integrate and pattern a new story into the mind and body.


In- person Sessions are held in a healing garden home in Portland Oregon
We have access to quiet indoor space as well as lush outdoor gardens
Location information is provided upon scheduling
Session Rates: $120
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