I'm Kirin. A Brownswell.
An Indian womXn rising from the ashes of my imposed labels

Shedding decades, centuries of conditioning that had me asleep to my own magic
I now know my magic lies in my humanity. To be human is to be a change agent

To be human is to embrace my creature self, a witch, a magician, a mermaid

To be human is to be raw, emotional, needing and wanting, affected by the world we live in
To be human is to be perfectly poised to care for the pulse of what’s real and needed right under our toes and what’s calling us to greater depth and heights

Privileged to have been birthed in a brown body of hearty earthy Punjabi roots

I've been gifted an ancient heart deep as the ocean
A water warrior. Tears are my warpaint. Love my greatest weapon

My work does not speak the language of fast and quick. Slow down, go deep

I speak and live the language of water at low tide, flowing, cleansing, still, revealing

My tools are faith, intuition, and play

I feel you from where you are. What beautiful skin do you live in? What ashes are you ready to rise out of to remember the shape of your human-ness, of being a change agent? I would love to know.  If you feel the same stirring in your heart - let's talk




What would it be like to walk through life, each step guided by the prayer of this truth, with patient purpose, one foot in front of the other? Each step held by the weight of wisdom and propelled by possibility. Steps that leave a legacy aligned with the prayers of your heart AND that of our communities and earth.  No room for delusional visions of excess.  A life that can hold the groundedness of limitation through the eyes of beauty and still breathe full spacious breaths of agency deep into our cells.  This is the imprint of a change-maker, of being human in these times.

IN OUR WORK COME AS YOU ARE. We will settle in with a warm cup of tea. Through conversation, meditation, energy work, play and time outdoors we will remember the energetics of being a change-maker. How to deeply settle the nervous system and root, opening up wide like a chalice to receive the heart and mind as they settle in, poised for action.  From this place we can LIFT UP OUR THREADS OF AGENCY.  Turn our wounds, anxieties, perceived short-comings into medicince; BECOME DEEPLY ROOTED, RESILIENT , CONNECTED AND WHOLE. Rise up to the day because we can feel in our bones WE ARE GOING TO BE OK in the face of so much that is NOT.

This is healing that is of service to something bigger than ourselves, that allows us to fold our own unique thread into the web of our collective. To uncover and learn to trust the shape of our activism from a place of wholeness. Our world, our communities, our politics, our spirits and bodies are aching for this revolution. Join me.

Kirin is an inspired healer who brings unique joy, creativity, playfulness, deep listening, and thinking outside-of-the-box and conventional wisdom,
into her amazing practice. I admire her combination of keen intellect and huge bouyant heart. It’s obvious she has done abundant, fruitful self work. Kirin embodies a new cultural shift where skillful, self-radiant, supportive, welcoming, innovative, deeply renewing healers are showing up to help mend beings affected by generations of inherited distress and become purposeful in our days.
— - GC
Kirin saved my life. Over the last couple of years, I tried to do the work alone. I would go in and out of periods of time feeling so unbelievably disconnected from myself , unable to get out of bed and living a life that just never really fit. Now working with Kirin, I know that I am on a path to true alignment and making decisions from my heart and intuition instead of from social acceptance/validation from others. I feel so strong, powerful and free knowing she is by my side on my journey during a life changing time full of so much uncertainty. She is holding space for me, helping me heal and shining a light during this difficult yet beautiful process. I’m so excited to continue working with her as I step deeper and deeper into my agency.
— Natasha Azizi



Prices reflect the time I spend prior to sessions to connect with and support your spiritual work as well as funds I allocate to offer scholarship for clients facing financial barriers. Saying yes means you become part of the Beloved Brownswell community and support healing for all.

Kirin has a gift for embracing the holistic and complex, while at the same time providing discerning and direct guidance. She activates my best self by challenging and supporting me to live in my highest truth, integrity, and my most joyful being. Under her deeply compassionate counsel, I can say with resolution that I am walking my path with more courage, faith, and understanding of myself, my gifts and my purpose.
— Huameng Yu
I was looking for a counselor to heal the weight of my trauma with violence and being a women of color but I was afraid of talking about what I had been through. Kirin created the space for me to share whatever I wanted in our sessions and somehow that healed the past without having to talk about it directly. I am now able to speak about the parts of my life that scared me without fear so the healing continues to deepen. Thank you Kirin for creating a space where I get to be more than my trauma - I get to be all of me and I keep learning more about what that is. That is everything to me. It serves me in my relationships, work and service. I am more potent than I ever thought I could be. My life is forever changed after my work with Kirin

Support Liberation for All

Healing work is ultimately justice work. Individual liberation is intricately linked to collective liberation. I align myself with these truths by offering pro-bono services to those that face systemic barriers to accessing healing while also supporting organizations that do the same. My prices are structured so that a portion of your fee funds pro-bono services.  I support different organizations over the year through generous donations on this page. Currently, 100% of your contributions will go to support Portland based healer Shayne Case. As a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe Shayne is pouring her heart money and time into making sacred trauma relief medicine for Standing Rock water protectors who experience PTSD and inter-generational trauma. All funds raised will go towards covering the costs of making trauma relief medicine and covering Shayne's traveling costs to deliver and train on how to use the medicine at the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic. Together our dollars will transform into healing ripples in seen and unseen ways. Together we become aligned with collective liberation. A hundred times I thank you.