hello precious warrior woman
lay your armor down to rest
sit in the seed of your soul
it’s time



Incubate. Unfurl.Play
Wild. Free. True

I'm Kirin. A Brownswell.
An Indian woman rising from the ashes of my imposed labels

I am an ethereal creature, a witch, a magician, a mermaid bridging the magical and mundane

An alchemist weaving physical, spiritual and emotional threads into beautiful kingdoms within and without

Privileged to have my creature self birthed in a beautiful brown body born of hearty earthy Punjabi roots

I've been gifted an ancient heart deep as the ocean, a Water Warrior
Tears are my warpaint. Love my greatest weapon

My work does not speak the language of fast and quick. Slow down, go deep or you’ll miss me

I speak and live the language of water at low tide, flowing, cleansing, still, deep, revealing,
penetrating, nurturing

My tools are faith, intuition, and play.

I am so humbled that you are reading this page – witnessing me. I feel you from where you are. What beautiful skin do you live in? What ashes are you ready to rise out of? I would love to know.  If you feel the same stirring in your heart - let's talk.


SOFTEN sweet one. I'll hold you
As we put on our mermaid suits
Journey to the depths of your ocean
Laugh, cry, scream and play
Build an indelible bridge to your soul
Unleash the life that's yours
The one that's been nestled in your heart

Journey with me for playful soul-filled healing on all levels

Let's enter a timeless space together where we will nurture and care for your beautiful soul the way it's ALWAYS meant to be nurtured. Where nothing is ever wrong and your WHOLE SELF can shine. From this place, over 6 weeks you will enter an initiation to uncover the mysteries of your soul - how does my intuition speak to me, how the hell do I manifest, what is my soul really asking me to do, how do I stay connected to myself in difficult times, what do I need to heal to be soul aligned, what does it look like to be embodied , how do I use joy and love as a tool for personal empowerment? Through nurturing, softening, sweet curiosity and luxuriating in your beautiful essence we will strengthen your intuition deepen your faith and live the truth that all the tools you need for an inspired life are already within you. Then just wait as everything else magically falls into place. You CAN live a life that feels like it's flowing - even through hard times - it is your birthright. If you are getting chills as you read this, an expansion, a well of emotion - even if it doesn't make sense - it's a sign that you're soul is ready to speak to you and I am ready to help you listen.

Your Journey will include:

  • A two hour initial consult
  • Three 90 minute one-on-one sessions
  • Learning how to protect your energetic space, connect to your guides, and receive signs from the universe
  • Unique mantras and meditations to work with in between sessions
  • Two emails in between sessions with exercises, support and inspiration to keep leading your personal revolution
  • Guidance on how to create a personalized altar and rituals to support your healing
  • A personalized new moon ritual to use throughout the year for powerful manifesting
  • A self-care basket to feel ease and joy as you journey into your depths

Investment: $800 which can be paid in weekly installments. Click the link below for a free 30-minute consultation to see if the program is a good match for your life at this time.


For the willing adventurers that are ready to dive deep and shift. For the ones that know there is another way - a path to transformation that includes joy and nourishment.  For the weary souls that need a breath of fresh air over a few hours, a day or weekend. For a group of connected sisters, as a gift to loved ones or your own personal quest. I'll build the palace and throne for you to come rest upon as I light the way for your unfolding and reassembly through nourishing ritual. Take off all the heavy things, ideas, beliefs obligations and return to being grounded, light, loved, centered in your souls magic - ready to weather any storm that comes your way. Because it's fucking time, because we all deserve it, because everything else you are holding hinges on you holding yourself first in loving presence and unfettered personal devotion. Let me be at your holy service.

Retreats can be done anywhere in the world, in your personal home or at a pre-arranged sanctuary. Click the link and we will find a time to chat about details over the phone. All budgets welcome!


Kirin has a gift for embracing the holistic and complex, while at the same time providing discerning and direct guidance. She activates my best self by challenging and supporting me to live in my highest truth, integrity, and my most joyful being. Under her deeply compassionate counsel, I can say with resolution that I am walking my path with more courage, faith, and understanding of myself, my gifts and my purpose.
— Huameng Yu
Kirin is like a sacred river. She releases anything stagnant and breathes possibility into every inch of your being with a loving and nurturing presence
— Nika Bartoo-Smith
There are countless reasons why I love this woman. I got connected to her serendipitously and one session with her ended up being one of the most healing and self esteem building moments of my life. After telling her how I was dealing with low self esteem and not feeling like I could move forward she placed a book a few pens and a gigantic sheet of paper in front of me and asked me to write down what I wanted. What I left with was courage and a plan and by the end of that summer I embarked on a five city-wide poetry tour and guest poetry teaching. Without that time with Kirin which gave me the space to be with myself, my thoughts and that pen and paper I don’t know if I would have been able to do it. Thank you for pushing me to not only survive but thrive.
— Georgina Frazier

Magic is dripping from each and every corner of our world. It's my mission to send healing threads into ALL corners so we Wake up to the magic that is within and around us waiting to be seen

Ritual Healing Pop-up
15 minutes of healing can be just as potent as an hour, especially with me! I'm poppin up all over the world, hoods, businesses, markets, shows - healing has no boundaries. Pop in to get showered in love, receive a unique mantra that is dying to be heard by your soul, and special instructions on how to manifest it through ritual and self care. There will be delicous oils, sprays and magical tools to support your journey! To bring Ritual Healing Pop-up to your City, business, event or home give me a shout at

Look for me poking out of these sidewalks soon spreading seeds of magic:
AUGUST 12th: Alberta Street Fair 4-6PM
AUGUST 17th : Portland Bloem 4-8PM

Pop-ups for Businesses, Schools, and Non-profits
I'll bring a powerful potent pop of healing to your organization for the day. For a full day I will dive deep with your employees in 30 minute sessions to create wellness and self-care plans that bring their best selves to their work and the world. At the end of the day the organization gets a self-care plan on how to best support the well being of staff and the mission based on reflections from the day. Fill out the "book an appointment" form to get the magic rolling.


It's critical that as we exercise the courage to bring our whole selves to the world our institutions and systems Have the courage to receive and support our whole selves

As a water warrior I work with organizations, conferences, businesses, schools and healers to move away from rigid, centuries old dry structures and re-align with water; fluidity, flow, non-linearity, cleansing, circulation. Together we create keynotes, training curriculum, workshops, retreats, projects and programs that are a woven alchemy of healing, meditation, creativity, ritual, counseling, action, and social justice. My programs and talks bridge deep personal work with transformative systems change. Long-term work supporting culture change in organizations always includes one-on-one healing sessions.

Past Projects and Keynote topics :

● Day long counselling for organizations to create employee self care and healing plans
● the role of love in healing ourselves and our systems
● embodying heart-centered racial equity in arts organizations
● building an anti-oppressive healing practice
● building an anti-oppressive work culture
● intuition and ritual in the workplace
● letting it flow: REAL self care for helping professionals
● the power of non-linear thinking

Partial Client Roster:
The Common Acre, Qyron Styling, Vessel Strategy, UbrLocal, Roberto Carlos Ascalon, Zenyu Healing, Portland Youth Builders, Camp Odyssey, Highline Community College, The City of Seattle, Toronto District School Board

From the first words she uttered at the beginning of her presentation, Kirin Bhatti grasped the attention of the audience. She had a way of challenging my practice and preconceived ideas about equity by creating a very constructive, respectful and inspirational group environment. Her presentation style is dynamic, sincere and very professional.
- Lidia Guennaoui; CENTR'ERE


From the first time we met, I identified Kirin's energy as powerfully uplifting and positive. I find her to be one of the most dynamic professionals I know. She is a consummate listener with a proven track record of solving complex problems. Her ability to cultivate relationships through trust and respect is unmatched. Kirin is kind, thoughtful, empathetic and an all around quality human being. I hold her in very high esteem and am honored to count her among my trusted colleagues. - Reginald Wilson; CITY OF SEATTLE
I am SO glad to have had the joy to work with Kirin Bhatti. She worked with my organization to develop multiple trainings about work life balance and anti-oppression . She brought truly innovative, heart-centered and creative ideas that were not on our radar. The presentations were very well received and we were  asked to present them again by many others.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat. -Christine Cruz Guiao; TAO FOUNDATION FOR CULTURE AND ARTS
Kirin’s energy is insatiable and contagious. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Amazing to work with -inspirational, creative, committed
I Support Liberation

Support Liberation for All

Healing work is ultimately justice work. Individual liberation is intricately linked to collective liberation. I align myself with these truths by offering pro-bono services to those that face systemic barriers to accessing healing while also supporting organizations that do the same. My prices are structured so that a portion of your fee funds pro-bono services.  I support different organizations over the year through generous donations on this page. Currently, 100% of your contributions will go to support Portland based healer Shayne Case. As a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe Shayne is pouring her heart money and time into making sacred trauma relief medicine for Standing Rock water protectors who experience PTSD and inter-generational trauma. All funds raised will go towards covering the costs of making trauma relief medicine and covering Shayne's traveling costs to deliver and train on how to use the medicine at the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic. Together our dollars will transform into healing ripples in seen and unseen ways. Together we become aligned with collective liberation. A hundred times I thank you.